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    Epic Pictures Group have been producing feature films since 2008 with focus on filmmakers' vision driven projects, shaping them from script to launch. Because of its focus on people first, Epic Pictures productions vary widely in budget, genre and locations. From 11.6 million dollar Malaysian action film VIKINGDOM to micro budget Israeli-shot JERUZALEM, Epic Pictures have been supporting filmmakers around the world, helping to shape and bring them to the global market. Many cult hits including the Sundance premiere TURBO KID, which won SXSW Audience Award among 26 other awards, Mike Mendez’s sci-fi comedy BIG ASS SPIDER!, Darren Lynn Bousman’s 11-11-11, Steve Miller’s THE AGGRESSION SCALE and Sundance’s arthouse experimental ENTERTAINMENT starring John C. Reilly and the all-star horror anthology TALES OF HALLOWEEN. Currently Epic Pictures has an extensive slate of films that it is financing and producing including the Gothic Horror film THE LODGERS, the thriller RADIUS, the sci-Fi Thriller DAY OF RECKONING and horror film THE NANNY. DailyDead.com included Epic Pictures in their list of studios to watch.