TURBO KID Review | SXSW 2015
Author: Perri Nemiroff

Turbo Kid is the ultimate midnight movie. It’s a delightfully violent adventure loaded with outrageous kills and gore set to the tune of an especially energizing, heavy synth score that riled up the SXSW crowd big time, myself included. The story centers on an unnamed character known as The Kid (Munro Chambers). He was orphaned at a young age so has grown up in a post-apocalyptic world all on his own scavenging and selling what he finds in order to survive. Most of the time he trades his loot for precious and very scarce necessities like bottles of water, but every so often he scores a Turbo Kid comic as well. He’s managed to keep to himself for years, but now he’s got no choice, but to stand up to the nefarious leader of the region, Zeus (Michael Ironside), in order to save the day and get the girl, too.

 This may sound odd when the film shows one guy’s guts being ripped out and another innocent victim getting sliced and diced to pieces, but one of the best qualities of Turbo Kid is that its heart is in the right place. It’s certainly an extremely violent film, but it’s essentially about a kid getting to live his dream and save lives in the process, and who can’t get behind that mission?