How To Make the Jump from a Short to a Sundance Film Festival Feature
Author: RKSS

We're a team composed of three writer-directors and we've been lucky enough to have our first feature film, "Turbo Kid" have its world premiere at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival. We've been writing and directing short films together for over 10 years. In that time, we've made over 20 shorts which were shown in festivals across the world. To put it simply, when most of our friends saved up to go on vacation, we took vacations from our regular jobs to make our films.

Since the very beginning, we've been pushing our limits on each new project, improving our style and technique each time. Starting from guerrilla style shoots, we moved on to bigger scale productions with professional actors and crew. We believe that starting with short films is a good way to prepare yourself for shooting a feature. It's better to make your mistakes (and learn from them) on smaller-scale projects. And trust us, you can never be too prepared!

Among our short films, the first one that got an audience to follow our work is "Le Bagman" (2004). Our main goal was to show the film in our hometown in Montreal and hope that people would be blown away. It grabbed everyone's attention and ended up playing at festivals around the world.

"Total Fury" (2007) was a big step-up in terms of artistic direction and technique (there really were none with "Le Bagman") and it won many awards in festivals as far as Sweden and Germany. Again, we had no idea it would go that far. We feel that our "world" jelled together and we came into our own craft with "Demonitron (2010), especially in terms of J-P Bernier's DP work and his music, being half of "Le Matos" (which has been producing our soundtracks since "Ninja Eliminator 1"). We made "T is for Turbo" (2011) for "The ABC's of Death" short film contest and it compiled the highest number of votes from the audience. It didn’t make its way into the anthology, but one of "The ABC’s" producers, Ant Timpson, liked what we did and offered to help us develop the idea into a feature. Here's what we learned through the process:

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